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Scammer alert

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He claims that he knows mods alot and ive been reported for scamming multiple times. He expected me to go first with 2bil osrs to him this morning. Pretty sure he was intending to do a scam-quit.

Noticed a thread where he is selling 0,48/mil and he attempted buying from me 0,48/mil. Not sure what profits hes after.




Gif of discord UID:


Sad Life Huh#5459

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I don't even know what is going on, I tried to buy from him a while ago. He was acting weird then called me on discord, he made it seem like he was going to go first so I was good with the BTC payment. If you look at the text I said I would contact a mod to middle-man or confirm the trade was legit, was not trying to scam anyone I have bought and sold to many other's here for well over $8k in the last month alone. Not sure what the report is for, the fact that we didn't trade, or the fact I wouldn't go first? I have like $300 in scripts alone on here, not worth dumping for $400 and ruining my reputation when I make 10x that amount each month. Wasn't scamming, I thought he was hella sus and might scam only reason I said I would message a mod about it. The ad for selling gold was days from then this trade took place and prices had changed so that makes no sense. 

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