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(F2P) Anyone notice an abnormally high ban rate when Fishing on f2p?

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It seems like every time my bots start fishing they get banned shortly after.

Usually what I do is net fish until 20 and then try to do fly fishing till 30 but i've noticed almost all my accounts get banned when they start net fishing.

I used to net fish at Lumbridge but there were too many people so I figured i should find a net fishing spot that is very lightly trafficked and another one of my accounts got banned today when they started net fishing. 

Has anyone experienced high ban rates when net/fly fishing?

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My F2P fishing bots manage to complete Tutorial island, once all the trading restrictions are removed (20 hour in-game being the main restriction) they usually last for an additional few days (1-4) assuming I'm botting on them no more than 6 hours, I occasionally test my bots (F2P) as suicide runners but they don't make it more than 28 hours currently.

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