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Longest time between botting and be banned?

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With playing it super super super safe, like only botting 4-6 hours a day, it's been like a year of botting without ban, and it's nothing special a lot of people do crazy higher numbers without bans. Only downside is bonding up every 2 weeks :doge:  The f2p accounts I usually run don't have the same luck but p2p is always good, unless mistakes were made :feels:

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I've botted for like 24+ hrs straight without a ban, multiple times. Location and the script you use definitely plays a huge factor. Went years without a ban, and then one day I carelessly fell asleep while botting RC abyss running nats and was perma'd (had received my first ban for botting a few months before for using the same script, but doing a different rune).




^ That was taken years ago, maybe 2013 or 2014 in early OSRS.


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