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2 Accounts Per Residental Proxy or 1 account per Datacenter Proxy

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If i have a reliable private datacenter proxy would it be worth to use that over putting 2 accounts on a private residential?


Currently running 1 acc per priv residential and it is pricey and there are DC's sometimes which will result in slave deaths. 


Was talking to someone in forum who has been manually training accounts with datacenter proxy 10-12 hrs daily and has not received bans, so i would assume that supplier would be safe to bot on. Does jagex just insta flag/ban bad datacenter proxy connected accounts?



Edit - after more consideration im leaning towards two slaves on a single residential proxy, as they are both interacting with each other to begin with if one were to catch a ban the other would be at considerable risk even while on a separate ip. 

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I can't comment on how many accounts to run per proxy, but I must say datacenter proxies aren't necessarily bad. If the provider isn't big enough and their ASN isn't recognized as datacenter, it's okay. If you can register runescape accounts and don't get captchas on google with the proxy, you're probably fine.

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