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False feedback

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Disputed Member:

Why it should be removed:
Script bann

He got banned using the script, but there is nothing wrong with it.
Banns happen and even quicker if you use bad proxies or already scuffed accs that are flagged creating on proxies.

He also claimed to get banned using Mirror mode in his feedback.
This dude doesn't even have VIP, so he doesn't have access to mirror mode ...

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False feedback has been removed. @TomnooksgflelThe feedback section is for trading and market sales only. See here for more information concerning the feedback system: 

"PositivePositive feedback is meant for trades that have been completed without a problem. Also you are completely satisfied with what you have received and how the deal took place (The seller/buyer's behavior in the situation etc)."

If you wish to leave a marketplace review you're more than welcome however I find that your argument is built on lies to begin with considering you haven't purchased nor used VIP before. With that being said @Khaleesiwill happily take onboard any concerns and or feedback you have for the scripts you've used.

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