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Introduction IDKFA

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Good day ladies and gentlemen,

I'm new to OSbot so I thought I'd introduce myself to this community. I'm IDKFA and although I'm new to OSbot, I've been playing runescape since before it was considered old school. Yes I'm that old lol. 

I've been botting since the release of osrs using different clients. The past year I've mainly used Advertising other bots isn't allowed. but due to their unfair overpriced scripts and monthly recurring fee's I've decided to give OSbot a go. 

Over the years I've botted max combat on several accounts and ran modest goldfarms. I'm not a scripter but I've wanted to learn to script for years. Maybe now is the time to pick it up =]

I'm helpful by nature and like to be active in the community. If you have any questions, shoot me a dm. I'm looking forward to meeting ppl from this community. 



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