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Best way to interact with the GE?

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Hey fellow scripters! 

I'm a bit new to OSbot scripting, and I've been searching in the forums on how to best interact with the GE. I found a few API's/snippets. Is there a go-to/defacto best way to interact with the GE? Or do all these snippets/API's have their merits? And what do you guys recommend? I simply need to sell some items I botted at market price. 

Kindest regards, psycho

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Just use API methods, e.g. 

sellItem(int itemId, int price, int quantity)

Not a lot of know-how in using grand exchange, only thing I heard that API has pretty bot like typing method, but since you will be only selling, not buying and also this probably mostly applies to flipping scripts you should be fine 😉 

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