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Problems with using OSbot.

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Hi all,


I am a new user for OSBot. 

I tried to startup OSbot but I receive a error message: Cannot connect to OSBot. 

Also when I try to go to the Scripts for OSBot I receive the following bad gateway error: 502: Bad gateway.

Once I received those errors I checked the forums but I couldn't find any outage neither recent issue's.


Is OSBot facing some problems or is it just me? 


Thanks in advance!

Kind regards, 



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2 hours ago, ez11 said:

Usually there is like an hour of downtime every 3 months at most, its just this week the devs probably changed something about the Osbot server and that change is causing issues now.

This is the 2nd this month it can't connect

2 hours ago, brikzone said:

Does this happen often ?

Last year never experienced any downtime. But this year happened twice so far in 2 weeks. 

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