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Banned 1 day after account creation (Hand made)

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Has anyone else had bans for just using the osbot client?


I have bought a proxy, made a new account which i completed tutorial island on by hand, i then went to Varrock square where i manually got 5 attack on an attack dummy and then logged out for the night as my proxy took hours to come through so the night was wasted.

The plan was to completely hand train the account for 2-4 days before i started scripting, thus i have not opened any scripts on this account.
Logged in this morning to start training. Banned


Any thoughts? My only thoughts are that even hand playing in stealth mode on osbot client isnt as safe as i thought OR i was sold a dodgy proxy.

Has anyone experienced this? Overall i dont mind as its just a f2p account and proxies are barely any cash, just wanted to check in

Thank you

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20 minutes ago, Get Taxed said:

i would also advise using mirror mode. i used a proxy and got several accounts banned in a small amount of time. Used mirror mode since without a proxy and no bans at all as of yet.

I am going to look in to mirror mode. I havent read in to it at all yet. My main worry is that i have a complete legit main who i play regularly and use proxies to keep that one safe (IP wise). Would Mirror mode keep mains safe?

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You can still get banned even with mirror mode. There's wayyyyy to many reasons as to why you were banned: botting on saturated scripts, bad proxies, botting way too long, assuming a hand-levelled account for a couple of days is remotely not going to get you flagged.


Don't bot on your main. 



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