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Query about botting

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I use to bot back in 2013 using OSBOT. I am looking to play and get back into botting on my PK account. I would like to know how the ban rates are now? Also what will the liklihood of me getting banned if I bot range guild (VIP+ script) on my pure with a 10-15mins break once very 2-3hours of botting for 10-12hours a day? I would also like to know which is better out of stealth of mirror mode to select when botting to minimise my ban rate, if any?

Thank you in advance :)

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Ban rates are probably highest as they ever been, but doesn't mean botting is impossible. Likelihood for ban is 50%, 50% chance that you will get banned and 50% that you will not :D Botting most likely comes to experience, your first account you try to bot will get banned for sure, maybe even really quick like in a day or so. But the more accounts you lose the more you know what work and what doesn't.

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