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Remote access to your farm.

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Guess this is common knowledge to old fellas but someone might find this helpful.

So I have been using Googles Remote Desktop application on my phone (ios, but works with android too).

  1. Download on your computer & also to mobile from Appstore / google play.
  2. Open them and use your Gmail to logging in.
  3. Set pin/password.
  4. Recommended to start your OsBot & Scripts before moving to remote since its way easier.
  5. When ever you are away from computer you can just launch the app and do some small task with it / check that everything is running smooth.


  • Setup your windows so you got all open and easy to access. ( You cant drag the windows in application)
  • I run bots on 2 computers and I have set the Google Remote Desktop on different emails on each computer. ( you might be able to use 1 account for multiple computers haven't tested).
  • Swapping between Remote accounts is easy with only few clicks. 

This remote accessing to OsBot have been atleast for me huge help when not sure if the scripts are running perfectly or you get the feeling to stop farm but you aren't at home. I guess there is other applications to do this but I can recommend this Google Remote Desktop.


Anyone else running OsBot with Remote control? Any other tips & tricks to make botting even easier and better?

Feel free to share your experience so we can all help each other. 

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12 hours ago, Wishy said:

Do this on a daily basis.


1 Google account over 3 computers. 1 of them is a VPS


12 bots ran. Private scripts on all :)

Sounds like a simple solution! I still prefer to start my farms on pc since its bit faster. 


How long you have been doing this?


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