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Money making script

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you're going to have to be more specific. no scripter is going to just give you his safe money making script that makes 500k+/hour. if you want a private money making script then you need to specify the method you want. keep in mind that some esoteric 500k+/hour method could come crashing down if more people discover it and it wouldn't be the scripter's fault the script no longer makes as much gold as you wanted.

moreover, no one can promise you "yeah i can make a low ban rate script for that" since we can't "know" what the ban rate of any specific thing might be and if it will remain that way as well.

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14 minutes ago, lolcox said:

I get that...but considering that most of the money making scripts here are dead (even the premium ones) I was hoping I could find a better option. Thank you!

as i said, if there's a money making method you know of and would like a scripter to make you a private script for it then you could probably hire someone for that. you just need to be more specific about what you want your script to do

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