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Do I have any chance to quash this?

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So over the past month ive started playing again,
a buddy lent me 70m, lost to staking, bought 80m twice and lost then 136m all over ~3 weeks. Everytime i got/bought gold i went staking and now am up to ~470m I've started turning the staker into a main and also have given some irl friends from 5-20m at diff times but i play with them so dont think that affected it
last night was talking to a guy in general chat about when i quit i sold my main and was now leveling this acc since ive came back and think someone reported me which issued the ban.

I bought this acc in i believe january and it just got rwt banned

So is there any chance i can get the ban quashed via appeal, email, or account recovery? also was going to contact original seller to see if he could help if needed to do recovery

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You can try, but don't get your hopes to much. RWT ban are hard to quash since most of the time are made because jmod looked into the issue and not because it was flagged and banned with ban wave like in botting. So they are not keen to look into something they manually did before.

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