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Other than the gp, what aspects do you enjoy about botting?

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I just want to max a account for once, so figured i would bot as many skills as possible until i get a temp ban and then do the rest of the maxing legit. So far doing pretty well, 10-15 99 in a few month period since account creation. I play a lot by hand and bot. Fingers crossed i wont ever get banned. 

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I just made a new account a week ago, after years of not playing/botting. My previous main got hit by the big rs3 ban and was almost fully maxed. 

Honestly I just made an account to mess around w/ scripting again while I'm bored during covid. I could see the game being fun w a good account, but getting a good account is the furthest thing from fun I've ever experienced in a video game. Not willing to do that.

TLDR: Nostalgia of writing scripts again, and maybe ending up w a good account at the end

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