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Does using two clients increase suspicion?


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Hello, maybe the title itself isn't clear so I'm going to explain.

I am new to botting and currently only using one premium bot about 1-2 hours per day to train woodcutting (shoutout to Czar for the great job). So it's understood that it is on the official osrs client. I only use this client to bot. Never loging on it to play legit.

Rest of the time, I play with RuneLite because of the increased performance and QoL plugins. I never use both clients at the same time. I quest most of the time with some skilling.

I was wondering if the community had info or opinions on client swapping and increased suspicion for bans, granted that Jagex can know what client players are using. I know there is no right answer and everybody is free to put me off my cloud. I just never found a thread on the subject.

Thanks y'all.

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