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Lorenzo Coutinho

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6 hours ago, Space said:

low/med level main. You don't meet the criteria to sell the account nor have any feedback. Probably like 60-100m. 

I'm sure OP is aware he won't be able to sell/trade without the required feedback etc. 

Back to the account value, he has rigour and augury, which is roughly 55m alone, how could you value his account at 60-100m when his prayers and untradables amount to that, not even taking into consideration almost 200 QP's, and 90+ ranged/mage? Account is worth at least 150m.

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9 hours ago, Lorenzo Coutinho said:

Barrows Gloves, Full Void, Fighter Torso, Fire Cape, Dragon Defender, Full Graceful, rune pouch, 198 quest points, rigour unlocked, augury (dont have level to use) unlocked. 





great account , but price varies since u newly joined, no one would pay higher price or even buy because safety measures.

also u need at least 100 posts before u can sell ur account.

good luck defintely over 150m , just dont get lowball

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