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You'll be far better off buying proxies and having 1-4 accounts per proxy if thats what you plan on doing. Not only that but if jagex did decide to ban or flag your IP it could also end up bad for any mains, mules or personal accounts you have that don't want to get caught up in. @D Bolter Or @YoHoJo sell proxies if you're interested. If playing on Mirror Mode you can check here to see how to set them up for mirror mode,, though it's a bit outdated, it should still work: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/68682-how-to-proxy-the-right-way-on-osbot-mirror-client/

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2 hours ago, richard benett said:

is their any program or script thatll help my ip switch

running multiple accounts heard that they ban modem ips an such if caught

just curious !


Check out my proxy shop here. You can switch between a proxy/ip based on how many account's you're running. I can also answer questions on discord. My discord: ash#2176



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