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Agility Script Problem

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private String[] actions = {"Climb", "Cross", "Cross", "Jump", "Jump", "Cross","Cross","Jump","Jump","Jump","Jump","Jump","Jump"};
private String[] names = {"Rough wall", "Tightrope", "Hand holds", "Gap", "Gap", "Tightrope","Tightrope","Gap","Ledge","Ledge","Ledge","Ledge","Edge"};

i am doing a .closest interaction with these strings and it works fine for all but one obstacle.  The 3rd to last name which is Ledge.  The script attempts to go backwards around the course instead of going onto the 2nd to last name which is also ledge which is slightly farther away than the 3rd one.  It successfully completes the course sometimes because the 3rd to last Ledge has two IDs on it and when it interacts with the furthest east id the script is successful.  However,  i do not know how to interact ids into strings or solve this problem.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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