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Quarantine Freedom


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Hi everyone,

I'm back to playing OSRS and completely new to botting. It's been 8+ years since I've played OSRS--Quarantine gave me the opportunity. Testing out botting a main (very slowly, thanks to your suggestions). If anyone has any advice or feedback, I would love to hear it. Are there any Skills I should avoid botting as they are commonly banned? I am primarily using it to focus on combat initially. 

Also, I am trying to purchase VIP to support and for Mirror mode, however, I cannot find where to upgrade anywhere 😆, so I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks and looking forward to being a part of this community!

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4 hours ago, Vi X said:

Use premium scripts only if you plan on botting on your main. I highly recommend @Token's Stealth Scripts or @Czar's Scripts. I'd stay away from botting any highly click intensive skills such as Agility, Runecrafting and Hunter. Make sure you take long breaks and diversify your task. 


Good Luck!


5 hours ago, Ace99 said:

Plenty of threads about tips and tricks, a recent one is here

Walking on this ice trying to keep a main though, good luck!


6 hours ago, LuukBot said:

Also, the classic saying, don't bot on an account you don't want to lose. Seeing you talk about botting on your main 😉


Thank you all for the help! Yes it'll be an interesting trial--trying to limit the botting as much as possible. I only plan to do it while simultaneously working on my job so I can monitor if anything is going wrong/can mix up tasks with human interaction. I will hopefully make another post regarding successful progress.

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