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AIO combat script. Enter NPC name and load food. Load current player position. It will keep attacking the NPC until out of food, loot, then it will run to closest bank and refill inventory. After that it returns to original location, and keeps going - repeat until out of supplies.

Able to save settings so it doesn't require re-typing. Infinite mobs/locations/combat styles can be saved.

Limits: Some positions might not work. Will likely result in script not refilling food. 99% of spots work fine though.

To use safespot feature: Load/set position as the safespot. The bot will return here after aggro is gained. Might be broken in some spots, but seems to work well overall. 


NOTE: Looting is based on GE prices. Sometimes these prices aren't loaded for an item, and bot won't loot that item. If it misses one type of item over and over, it's due to this.




v 1.0 - Uploaded

v 1.05 - Added autoloading of food

v 1.1 - All foods autoloading. Better sleeps. Better eats.

V 1.2 - Looting support added, better sleeps. More randomness, bug fixes

V 1.25 - Eat and loot support, bug fixes.

V 1.3 - Magic support, bug fixes

V 1.4 - Safespot support, heal at bank, corsair bank added, manual location added

V 1.45 - Looting fixes

V 1.5 - Arrow looting support 

V 1.6 - NPC loading added

V 1.7 - Saving/Loading presets added

V 1.75 - Improved safespot, faster safespot, safespot after eating



Coming soon: 


(Green = done)
(Yellow = started)
(Red = not started)

  • Looting
  • Eat and loot
  • All banks
  • Autoloading food
  • Autoloading npc
  • Magic support
  • Ranged support
  • Safespots
  • Save presets
  • CLI support












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2 hours ago, MerchAccounts1 said:

From security strong hold giant spiders, All it does is try to walk me out of stronghold to the bank, and banks all my food then stops scripts.

Did you type food correctly, with the correct caps?

I.e. Tuna and not tuna?

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V1.1 released!
Now loads any item as food, and shows before starting which item it found. All food works, given that they have the action "Eat" (brews etc won't work, can add if requested).

Better sleeps. Shouldn't double-eat if full health.  (  @Avocado thanks for pointing this out! )



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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, filipe03 said:

Nice, thanks, but most of times it doesn't loot :(, also a good add would be prior loot over attacking.

Hmm, it should attempt to loot between every kill.
Sometimes it gets aborted if agro or high damage, but should work most of the time. Will certainly make it so it loots before attacking, thanks for the tip! Think that will increase the successrate of looting a lot.
That will be fixed tomorrow :)

Open to any and all other suggestions!

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