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just curious about bans if anyone can help

disco cookie

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so i have had 2 accounts banned now, 1 was a fresh one just woodcutting botted until 50 no dramas, 2 days later played on my phone for an hour woke up next morning and my account was banned. now on my main (have botted for countless hours over the last couple weeks) used a bot to cut 1000 opals (second time now), played on my laptop for a few hours after that, then switched to my phone and played for half hour until i got kicked off and it says i have been temporally banned for 2 days.. so my question is if anyone can give me some answers, is rs just delayed at banning accounts for botting even if you havent done it for a day before you get banned or reckon it could be something to do with playing on your phone making you look like a bot? cause id assume youd get banned whilst botting not just playing on your phone?

the first account was banned nearly a week ago btw both happened after playing on the phone, 1st account i left for 2 days after botting then after playing it for the first time on my phone 2 days later woke up with a ban the next day

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It's hard to say really, private scripts are the way to go. I've had the most success recently through those. I believe it's all about sample size. Account age does matter, so I can see why your WC got banned. With the main, a 2 day ban isn't the end of the world and the Botting methods must have done something. Just take your warning and save your main. Make sure you clear .dats and resume. Even change your Mac address. Private scripts are working wonders for me. Running 18+ hour proggies. Another think would be breaking. I usually do 45-15

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So you were leveling one-dimensionally on a fresh throwaway account straight off the boat and it got banned, followed by a ban on your main? I would assume that your throwaway was flagged and caught then your main got caught by association. (Same IPs, same MAC addresses, same passwords, same local java files, on several devices as well? Phone, laptop - desktop as well?)

Seems like you gave Jagex a lot of information to work with, did you bot on these 2 accounts concurrently as well? They're not gonna boot you offline instantly and ban you unless your name is 374 pike 214 and you've got 10 concurrent connections from fresh accounts all doing the same thing.

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It was probably a delayed ban, possibility they checked your ip for linked accounts. My good main got banned for botting glassblowing molten glass for 1 hour without ever botting on it before, but had countless account banned before on the same ip. I dont know if it works that way but maybe theres a posibility

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