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wut, I got banned.

I did turt island by hand, then botted the 7qp by using mirror mode, after that I traded 200k from one of my accounts. Bought some pickaxe on Grand Exchange and stopped. 

That just banned me.


And the account that I trade the 200k from and that one botted everything including turt island and didnt use mirror mode once is still going strong?

wtf JamFlex????

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On 3/14/2020 at 8:54 AM, mousbros said:

I'm mad of the inconsistency of the bans. Ban everything or nothing.

That's not how it works, they obviously can't ban everyone, be glad all of your botted accounts aren't banned. IRL, there are serial killers who never get caught, too. All or nothing is fantasy.

Also a very very very verry long time rule is that aged accounts don't get banned as easily.

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