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HTTP or Socket4 Proxies


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Good day,


Im getting into OSBot using and trying go do small steps forward with the goal to set up a small Goldfarm.

Im aware that you need good proxies and even better quality ones.

Often I found different types of proxies beeing sold, HTTP and Socket4 and Socket5.

I searched trough the Forum but I have not found an answer about this.


What is the difference between those types and can handle OSBOT both types, HTTP and Socket or is just one of em supported.


Thank you for lighting me up

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@Sackgesicht You can use https proxies on websites (to create RS accounts) then use sock5 proxies to bot the account on the osbot client.

Lucky for you, my proxies include https and sock5 ports so you can create and bot accounts on the same proxy. Feel free to check out my shop in the link below.



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