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Patrick ster

96-99 NMZ str training

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15 minutes ago, Patrick ster said:


Looking for someone to train 96/99str current 10,027,599 ish exp.

I will keep NMZ points ofc, leave price below gp/exp + discord.

And I need this service done ASAP.


Kind regards,


Hi Patrick,

I would be able to offer this service at the price of 6 gp/xp using prayer potions (you would have to provide).
* This is assuming you have a reasonable attack level + str bonus gear.

If you're interested in my offer, you can find my contact information in my signature.

Many thanks,


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Hi Patrick,

Willing to do this for 9gp/xp 

how many hours per day I can do this would be discussed as I would want to do it within your time limit, provided its not like 16 hours a day. Everything would need to be reasonable for both of us to meet at the right spot and i would want communication to be there as I don't usually do servicing for people. As I have a heap of spare time on my hands lately I would be happy to take on the work quite intensely trying to complete it as soon as possible so I would be down to take it on for 6-8 hours per day roughly. Contact me if you're interested through PM or on discord. 
My main has 96 str as well so the reason i'm offering is due to the fact that I would most likely do my own account at the same time as yours. 

Discord--- Bandito#8191  UNIQUE ID-- 169321974085058560


EDIT: all would be hand done.


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8 minutes ago, Patrick ster said:

Sorry lads Cb Services got the job. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. I do appreciate all the offers however.

Good luck man  :) if anything ends up happening thats bad .e.g. he doesn't complete it etc. hmu i'll even match his price if he messes you around.

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