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Chargeback for 100m

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8 minutes ago, ainzlee said:



7 minutes ago, Prolax said:

Sorry, but what is this?

I don't know him and I never bought gold of him.

@ainzlee it looks like this may have been a random discord claiming to be @Prolax, in cases like this it is necessary to get the user to PM you on OSBot verifying that they are who they say they are. Unless this way done I'll have to close this dispute as no proof it was @Prolax

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Just now, ainzlee said:

Wait.. Why would someone pretend to be him then go first.. 


I also Msged prolax on osbot the day after for a feedback but he never responded to me.. Isn't it strange you wouldn't reply to someone asking you for feedback?

They likely pretended to be him to go first because they knew they could charge back if you didn't ask for a PM confirmation before the trade.

Unfortunately him not replying to a PM asking for feedback is not incriminating, he could have seen it as a mistaken PM or similar.

Locking this now, please PM me if you have questions.

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