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Bad BoyT

How to stop it auto disabling input

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Hey, after I start a script the first thing that happens is OS Bot locks the input. I find this really irritating - is there a way to stop it doing this? Obviously I know how to enable input..... im just simply asking is there a way to stop it _automatically_ disabling input as soon as I run scripts?

Thanks for your help

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8 minutes ago, ez11 said:

yeah but that wouldnt be a reason to always have the client enable input by default

No, but it would be nice if we could do that through the API so when a user does use a plugin that they don't have to turn on input every time.


Unless I haven't found the method in the API yet... :doge:

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On 7/7/2019 at 5:35 PM, ez11 said:

No, but if you make your own script you can let it enable input i think.

But what would even be the point in having that feature lol

Well just as an example... when using Czars perfect fighter and I'm cannoning... the first thing I need to do is move my character to the cannon tile and then press F1 to set position of the cannon for the script. I.e. I need to use inputs. I can get around that by standing on my cannon when I start the script... but I don't always remember to do that

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