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Are random events part of their bot detection?

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My personal experiences with random events whether I did them, ignored them or dismissed them hasn't shown much for me at least. Even when I did baby sit bots that were doing something semi-afk they were banned on a monday. And suicide bots that just ignored them doing the same task were completely fine on a monday but were still banned eventually. 🤷‍♂️

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9 minutes ago, Perryy said:

Excuse me, but what's the point of botting if you're gonna baby sit them 24/7 anyway? Might aswell just do it by hand don't you think?

I have a at home job, selling on ebay and other various things, its just on my second monitor i barely pay attention to it but am always looking at it in the back of my eye.

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No they have nothing to do with detecting bots. Only way they would is if the bot didn't know how to handle them and somehow broke and spam clicked or etc.


They put it in the game to try and break bots in general but they didn't really expect botting client's to implement their own way around them. This is why they are dismissable today.


If they did break bots, they would surely not have them dismissable but they do not want a human to be forced to do something that not even a bot could do. Players would dislike something that challenging.

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