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My Cellphone's Farewell.


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Yes, that's absolutely right. I'm dedicating a whole post for my cellphone.

I mean, i had lots of phones before this one and, this one isn't even a "premium" one... but it is the first phone that i bought, like, with my own money, with my own effort... the others before that were gifts or something like that, that didn't quite involved my money in the process... it's been some years, you see, im from brazil and here we only have shitphones...plus we're not a "first world" country, so this one that i bought from basically a china website was quite the upgrade . It's been 3 years if im not mistaken... i bought a new one that's already coming and, i am really thankful to everything this poor phone handled throught this time xD

This is by no means an advertisement to the brand, i'm just glad i invested my money in this phone.. it went in a pool with me, it fell on the floor lots of times, usually when i was high on some rave or duper drunk on a party lol, and it never went to any kind of assistance ! xDDDD

It is quite impressive the jump from a shitphone to one that takes good photos, that you can use an offline gps with legit high quality location service, i even have automated bill payment in it... i'm quite the technology addict, and i am feeling great about how things are in cellphones when i remember when it was hard to even find someone to send a message to...

The new phone will come this week but i leave this farewell, to my first phone ( that i even played tons of runescape in it ! ), thanks for not dying and never fail me :D

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56 minutes ago, joniassassin said:

Ye like, it is not even close to being worth selling this one, but hey, quite the stories i have with him xDDDD

guess ima guard it (still have the original box) for unknown reasons xD

i keep the boxes to all my stuff dont know why but just do, even have boxes to phone i dont have no more. but i end up braking most off my phones last one i had less than 1 day and i broke then screen LOL

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i can definitely relate to where you're coming from. Back in the day when i was younger, I use to have this extremely old samsung phone that ran on 3g back in around 2007, it was when smartphones were first starting to become mainstream that weren't iphones. I freaking loved that phone, it was such an amazing experience that wasn't a game boy or an ipod, it felt like i had an actual computer in my hands (even tho to todays standards it would be considered shit). It lasted me a well 3 years before It started to crash on me and reboot itself over and over again at random. 


I had to give it up :(, and went for the newer samsung model around 2010. I swear i didn't want to part with it, i had gone through so much with it, but upgrades are necessary at least every couple years. Certain devices just won't hold the test of time. Anyway, glad you made this post and shared that, really reminded me of the old days lol

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