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OP 65 CB NH pure


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Recently I sold all my osrs cash and now I am selling this account. I am the original owner of both accounts and I am willing to give all the necessary info needed. Reasons are pretty simple I don't have time to play and I lost interests, since I think I achieved all I wanted on osrs its time to move on.

I only accept paypal as payment option.

pure 99 USD or in game cash.

We can use middleman or however the buyer wants.

Baby NH pure21-47-38-599aad211c1dc0e46228a867446f54f1.png.91af2a14139d89612f3d51bf0f0253c8.png.68fd172091e5329eb03c7b5464631eaa.png

 login details

Pure: https://gyazo.com/81407ae838323af3de1d6d9b4ae6c86a


just some junk

PURE: Bounty hunter teleport activated, ancients,

quests completed

pure: https://gyazo.com/81407ae838323af3de1d6d9b4ae6c86a

account status 



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