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Dispute on Hope's Service


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Disputed member: @Hope

Thread Link: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/147103-nothing-but-the-best-1-hope-aio-services-i-lifetime-sponsor-i-accepting-all-orders-i-lifetime-discounts/

Explanation: I ordered a NMZ service on my main on Friday the 31th and it was started saturday morning the 1st. Today, june 6th, I randomly checked my accounts highscore and the display name was not found.

So I tried logging in and it said it was banned. I checked the account status and it showed that it was banned for RWT. 

They basically told me they weren't liable for bans so I just lost my main which was been serviced by @Hope's service before and I find it quite unreasonable...



Discord user who serviced: WordPlay2019#6954





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From Hope's service thread:

6. Any infractions to accounts while doing services are not our responsibility. We will be happy to provide any all screenshots throughout to prove it's hand done.

I checked their services discord and the same ToS is posted there. By hiring their services you have agreed to the ToS.

There's no proof either way that the ban was caused by the worker, for all we know it could be a delayed ban from Jagex from you paying the service or transferring wealth off.

We won't be forcing a refund on this as the service has a good reputation so far, if they're willing to work out the partial refund Tyler mentioned in that screenshot.


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