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BigBoiBets Webdesign (Medieval) | Darkzside

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Completed webdesign for BigBoiBets RS poker site.

Everything is made from scratch with pentool and a lot of work except background.


Early sketch that i drew, chosen by client:



If you're interested in web design, be sure to pm and we can discuss it on skype.

However this won't come cheap, depending on how many different pages your site has.

(I might not be available certain days)


Theme: Medieval, Runescape

Creation Time: Not sure, quite a few hours if not counting breaks.

Personal Thoughts: Very proud of this webdesign, i enjoy working on medieval theme.


Click Image to see full size.


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Do you always draw before making your work?


For webdesign it gives you a clear picture of how final product will look like and it's easier to show your client the early stages, any way on this project my client requested for sketches first.


It also depends on how much the client is paying, if it's small amount then there is no point doing sketches.


This does not apply for signatures, mainly logos and webdesign.

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Looks very Profesional :o I'm going to try make one now :P Just because I really would Like to start making stuff like you make  :) btw the texture is lovely don't listen to

them! :P especially "  srthbsedrthn" It's obvious he has no clue what he is talking about.


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