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Remove Neutral Feedback


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Why it should be removed: user left neutral feedback with words that can tarnish my services long term. 

Details: the user requested several quest packages. I told him I would begin in 20 minutes . He then asked when it would be completed , I told him the following day as I wouldn’t have much time to play the day of . At this point; wether I began or not wouldn’t matter because I gave him a completion time , if I didn’t achieve it, I would’ve refunded him. I wake up the next day , and he says he’s disappointed in me because I haven’t started . I asked why did he log in ? He said he wanted to check progress . Furthermore, he went against my terms and logged into the account during the service . Under my terms , if you login during a service; there’s no refund . The user then left neutral feedback because I wouldn’t refund him upon his request . The feedback holds words which are untrue, and can jeopardize my business longterm. I dnt mind the neutral feedback, but the words are deceiving and misleading. The user even stated he didn’t care about my price but still mentioned money in the feedback. That’s contradicting . Which is why I want it removed because he’s just mad that I won’t refund him because he broke my terms . Besides , the service wasn’t started , or incomplete, it was terminated . So can he even leave a feedback ?

Screenshots - https://m.imgur.com/gallery/Cn5BgSO

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