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Risk of ban from using client without scripts?


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2 hours ago, Reddozen said:

Would jag ban you from just using the osbot client without loading any scripts? I want to write a few scripts to supplement my usual routine. Does anyone know the likelihood of detection using well made custom scripts?


-You're not likely to catch a ban from using the osbot client without running a script.

-It doesn't matter if you have the BEST custom made script ever, you can still catch bans. Don't bot an account you don't want to lose.

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2 hours ago, amDeep said:


No, using a client legitimately as of now does not cause bans on its own. From my experience, using scripts you made yourself will help a large amount vs public scripts OF THE SAME QUALITY. This said, if your scripts are not very developed the fact it is custom will probably not outweigh the benefit of a well developed public script.  No one can answer your question of exact ban "likelihood" as it depends solely on your individual script, and it's quality.


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