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Graduation Year Gap


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OSBot not really the place to ask for life advice obviously, but wondering if anyone here has experience with a year gap after highschool or going straight to college. There's so many publications recently about people being overwhelmed with student debt and being unable to find a job with their degree. Is there a point in hunting for internships/working way up a job ladder before attempting college or just take the almost essentially free price of some community colleges first? Hoping for some insight from anyone who has taken a year gap or didn't and glad they didn't.

edit: I graduate in like 2 months, and already hold a job in technology I was hoping to use for a reference somewhere else. Held two jobs now for experience and not leaving highschool without job experience.

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See this is a tricky spot. Around me there are a lot of places that offer hiring and training on site for skilled labor jobs, stuff like construction and fire alarm maintenance that don't really require a lot of education. If you're adept at a profession and want to do it for the time being then you should. However a lot of jobs in other fields require degrees now so it seems like you'd need to at least do community college before anything else. Also a lot of medical entry level jobs can be acquired with an associates degree or med tech / radiology tech jobs if that's your boat.

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