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Break Handler


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Hello guys, 

Iam new here and the script iam using works well. 

I only have a problem with the break handler. I have set it on random breaks.

Whenever it want to do a break it doesnt log out. And if I logout manualy the program dont log in again after the break. 

then it says thay I need to have the option "safe password" on or something.


Can anyone help me or is there a guide in the Forum?

Thanks guys!

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just to make sure that you properly set the breaks, you need to have your options menu look like this to enable randomized breaks


make sure you checked Breaks enabled and Randomze bot/break time, and also fill the 2 fields with how long you want to bot/break for. it randomizes based on a certain percentage of that.

also make sure that in the Add bot window that you've properly added your account's information so that the bot can properly log back in (it can't if you're using "Default")

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30 minutes ago, Jordinhoo99 said:

Thanks guys! I customized it like that. The only problem now is, that this stupid bot dont log out, only stands still. 


which script are you using? and what does it say in the client's log?

Fruity's zulrah script for example will stand still if a break is coming so that it doesn't start a fight right before a break

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