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[Price Check]: Maxed 75 Attack Rune Pure

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I'm thinking of selling my previous main account, completely hand-leveled. Because it was my main account, I registered my e-mail address on it.

I'm not sure how greatly this affects the sale, maybe someone can give me some insight.

How much would you appraise this account?

Some notable things about the account:

  1. All essential quests completed (excluding Monkey Madness II).
  2. 31M NMZ Reward currency (great for imbuing items and daily Herb Boxes).
  3. Fire cape, Fighter Torso, Barrow Gloves, and Void Ranger set acquired.
  4. All essential Slayer Rewards unlocked (e.g. Slayer ring, Slayer helmet, Superior slayer monsters, Herb sack, and a bunch of extended Slayer tasks).





Reward Points.png

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the only thing that affects a potential sale is your 2 post count and 0 feedback.

You will not sell this account until you are a trusted seller. the account is too high-quality and completed for a new seller. besides, you need 100 post count to sell on these forums. If you were legitimately known to frequently sell accounts on these forums, you could potentially get $250 to $300 for this account. if you want to actually sell this account without any rep, expect about $90. Because you simply won't find anybody dumb enough to buy a maxed account at a premium price from a wholly unreputable dealer.

even at $90, the first thing I think when I see an account like this going for cheap from a forum noob is: Scam alert.

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