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  1. 30M. standard mith gloves package from trusted, so probably 20M~ for low trusted and less security of there own created account.
  2. 400-500m OSRS easily, i don't know what these people are on about? ^^ 1B+ EXP easily, tons of pets? Max cape with max portal?, easily find a buyer for $600+ if you had vouch's try player auctions put it up for $500 with buyers insurance and it'll sell.
  3. 100-200M dependant on buyer, lower because of magic maybe.
  4. 100-150M depending on buyer.
  5. if turnt into a barrows 70 account account i reckon you could get 400M easily, if it was fully quested with piety, especially if you got rigour aswel but thar's 60M~ atm i'd say worth 100M.
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