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Scripters should join for guide

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Hello @ all

First Thx for every one who participate in this topic

I want make an account to kill vorkath 

Sure It need many things to be ready high lol skills/quests

And I just want to know ur option in that

If I used the free scripts on osbot to up my skills from 2-3 a day houre by houre I mean not continously 

Can I make this account rdy to kill vorkath or sure I will get ban?

Thx for all and sorry for bad english

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if your going to go for all botted progress i suggust useing paid scripts. 
i have made lots of all botted accs and iv made some upto 1500 total with free scripts and some dont even get into the 600s.

iv deffinitly had more luck with paid scripts., specially when it comes to things like agi, fletching, smithing... these are all skills you dont really wana be botting to get banned for.. yeah fair enough you get banned useing a fire cape script but hey  its not guna happen every time... but i can almost garentee you use free scripts all the time and its always guna result in ban and more often i find them to roll in faster... banned for low lvl fletching sucks or low lvl agi...
i tend to find my self  once i hit the high lvls i lose confidence on botting on the accs beecause im proud of the progress and dont waana push iit, dont become attached to them or ull be pissed when u get ur ban

use paid scripts where you can afford it, i really recomend it

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