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Dispute against siilentalk


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Scammer's profile: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/252738-siilentalk/

Thread Link:


Explanation: Paid him 15m out of 30m after we decided on 50/50. Said he would start in 30 mins, been more than 5 hours and hasn't done anything and he doesnt reply.

Evidence: {parts hidden}


Proof that it is indeed him on skype 4920896a0750e821692be9f328acaba0.png

PM Confirmation: 7348ecb2dfd0c67722a5648010e17089.png


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4 minutes ago, Solution said:

Awaiting outcome of 

 User has indicated he may have been infected with malware and is looking to refund.
Do you have proof the deal and that nothing has been done so far? 


Looks like he's willing to resolve the situation, I've changed the password on the account before he got a chance to ruin the build. I do not have a screenshot of the gold being traded over as he seemed pretty reputable and it was just 15m, but the discord conversation should speak for itself.


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