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Thanks for visiting my thread! :)

You can contact me over OSBot PM or Skype :)

Skype: rare-scripts

Discord: rare scripts#8548 (If it doesn't work, try without space)

if you add me to Skype: please make sure you ask to verrify by sending a PM on OSBot before giving out any info/payment!

Note: Let me know you are from OSBot when adding me, thanks :)

Payment method:

  • 07GP/BTC/ETH


  • You are NOT allowed to re-sell my scripts.
  • If i'm unable to finish the request, a 100% refund will be given to the customer.
  • I'm not responsible for any bans and/or account loss.
  • I will send you the .jar file, please backup the file - If you lose it, i can't recover the script for you.
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47 minutes ago, Derpec said:

Message me if you can make a script that can train a lvl 3 to have 70/70/70 stats, and an option for 85 magic, and 85 range.


Also have the option to go onto another lvl 3 account after the first one is created, and start the process again.


Thank you!

Feel free to add me to Skype to discuss this more into detail :)


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