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PC On Max pure NH:ER

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75 att, 99 str, 1 def (0 xp), 99 hp, 99 ranged, 99 magic.

Notables: Chaos elemental pet, all rings it can use imbued (including suffering + rotg), crystal bow (i), salve amulet (i), all god book pages filled and banked, Zamorak halo, MA2 capes + firecape. Has angler + rogues set + graceful set (blue) too.

69 or above in all non-combat skills.

198 quest points, all quests needed for cb are unlocked including OSF for guthix rests.

Username login, not email login.

(100% in all kourend favours)

(99 ranged 99 defence on rs3, all other skills 70+)

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