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Sorceress's Garden Script - Development Log


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Scummy Sorceress's Garden

Release can be found here.


I wanted to see what it took to make a large-ish script so I'm going with this since nobody has made it here yet and it helps with the early farming levels. I'm thinking about open sourcing it once I'm done with it to get feedback on code quality and where to improve, anyway, here's a breakdown of what I've done so far and what I plan to do:




  • Done
  • Being Made
  • Not Started


  • All Gardens
    • Winter
      • Spoiler



    • Spring
      • Spoiler


    • Autumn
      • Spoiler



      • Spoiler


    • Summer
      • One Click Trick
        • Spoiler


      • Regular Run Through
        • Spoiler


    • Progressive
  • Fruit & Herb Looting
  • Paint
  • Banking
    • Deposit Herbs & Fruits
    • Withdraw Potions
    • Withdraw Beer Glass's
  • Potion Support
    • Energy Potion
    • Stamina Potion
    • Super Energy Potion
  • Exchange Juices
    • Make juices
    • Give juices to Osman
  • Herb Dropping
  • Beer Glass Collection
  • Reads your setup & mimicks it if possible (potions)
  • GUI
    • Spoiler



  • Testing & ironing out any bugs I can find

Let me know if I'm missing anything you'd like to see




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Oh man, I used to spam the shit out of this bot back in the day in RS2, used to be a good money maker but with the release of the Farming Guild + Herb Boxes this might not be great money but I doubt anyone would care since it's gonna be awesome to get some afk farming xp :) Good luck! I look forward to seeing this released 

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