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There has to be a better way

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Ok so i'm quite new to the whole buying osrs gold thing and made my first purchase yesterday via and it couldn't of gorn smoother 

BUT ALL IM WONDERING IF THERE ANY1 ELSE IN AUSTRALIA WHO BUYS GOLD , theres gotta be ..how do you guys do it i went with the paysafe option after trying to sign up to paypal and couldnt for some reason (my cards a debit card not credit i think is the reason) when u pay with paysafe ya take a 15% cut in whateva you buy !! so my 50 was only 35 :o if this is how every1 dose it thats cool just feel theres gotta be a better way 

cheers , 

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1 hour ago, bankerkrak said:

Can't say any other site or I'll get another advertising warning ?

As far as I can tell you can mention other websites as long as you don't 

  • Advertise
  • Post URL
  • Post link with malicious content

From what I understood reading the forum & chatbox rules. Unless there's been an update to the rules somewhere else I think you should be ok (please enlighten me if I'm wrong).

Sorry for OT

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