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Hello fellow ToS breakers

I'm an idiot at making plans and always have a ton of ideas.. So usually i end up spending more money on silly projects, like botting, that i would ever get in return :) 

My first goal here is to:

-Get atleast 2 bots running barrows on shifts, so that they provide bonds for themselfs and make a little profit after 14 day. Enough to get either quest done on new accounts or to upgrade gear/skills.

-Train f2p accounts to replace banned accounts.

If i succeed in that, and some accounts last long enough, i might move on to zulrah.  But i'm afraid that with only 1 or 2 bots, that the monthly payment, wont cut it and might not be worth the risk, when i font have replacements. 

/CSGOslave out. Have a great day. 



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