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Maxing on osrs [progress thread]

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Well After the duel arena tax I guess I can't get away from rs I plan on afk maxing across the next year or so will see if i accomplish this goal or just quit. 

The plan:

buy bonds thru osrs/rs3 [depending on swap rates]

Play p2p for a month free with twitch prime,  and acquire 4.5m for a bond

Slowly afk train complete all f2p quest/p2p quest 

I expect this to take atleast a year.



No funding [ i will at max only use one alt to fund my account] Mostly use the alt to merch so i can train more hours without going ge.

I am allowed to hire service individuals for questing/leveling of skills only if i pay via gp from the account [most Likely gonna use for mining/questing]

day 1: 8/18/18

 goals for this week : get 80~ woodcut + 4m 07 so i can merch [f2p membership from twitch prime]


8/22/18 start [1m 07 bank kourends favor 100%] [current goal 99 woodcut +125m 07 bank im paying my buddy 125m 07 to get barrows gloves+ 176 qp on account]


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