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Can this pc handle a 1060

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It should handle a 1080. Won't be bottlenecking for sure.

42 minutes ago, vapaxyownz said:

if that power supply has 8-pin for gpu, 1060 will be most likely best card for that pc :D

Actually you don't need 8-pin for a 1060. Without doing overclocking, a 6 pin is fine.

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8 minutes ago, vapaxyownz said:

oh mine has 8-pin, didnt know normal versions has 6-pin XD

It just has a 8-pin slot. It's fine to run 6 pin connector in that since PCI-e slot already draws 75W -and about 60w  extra from 6pin cable.

It will work.

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should be good I dont see any other bottlenecks that would limit a 1060s performance

edit: except his monitors being 60hz instead of 120 or 144 hz, this doesnt limit performance really but you wont be able to really see anything above 60fps so any extra frames are lost on the user.

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