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Disputed Member:[member=username] @siilentalk

Why it should be removed:negative fb for being rude?

Details: he added me on skype, we made a deal, i had to do lunar diplomacy and dream mentor for him on his ironman, he had time to collect items on his ironman till i finish other order. before starting i asked him did he have items, he said yes, but he didn't. I asked him to get item, and he wanted refund and we had a little had argument.

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8 minutes ago, Mio said:

I've removed the negative but @siilentalk is more than welcome to leave a neutral due to how the trade went down and how you acted after the fact.

Didn't quite go down as he explained but I think a negative feedback is highly warranted myself.

1] I paid him more than he wanted

2] He started 2 hours after the time he suggested he would

3] He said 'I will do it tomorrow, i'm not doing it tonight' (something along those lines, I can find the quote if requested) because I forgot an item that takes 2-3mins to get (the wikis aid recommended item and not item required).

4] He then refused to refund and acted childish until a mod TOLD him to refund it by putting in 1gp at a time for 5/6 minutes.


This is clearly a negative transaction. I don't see how it's neutral. He was also rude throughout and it was a huge negative experience. If you still think it warrants removal, i'd like a second opinion with the greatest of respect. @Mio

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2 minutes ago, Mio said:

I'm not going to argue. You can leave a neutral or you don't. You got your money back and were not scammed, he was just acting like a child by taunting you. If you'd like to leave no FB at all I can close this.

Left positive by accident as well as neutral if you could remove the positive one.


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