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World Hopper for Mirror Mode (API is broken atm)

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Hi, I decided to make a world hopper for mirror mode because the API hopper is malfunctioning. It works on client injection, but in mirror mode the widgets are all labeled "visible" even if they are hidden due to scrolling. The scroll bar also does not have a scrollable y movement. I put together a pretty basic code (I'm relatively new to this so would appreciate feedback on improving it). Line up 12 worlds that you want to hop to plus two as your favorites like this:



//set w=0 in your On Start


//open logout tab (make sure you've opened world switcher once before so it automatically opens)

   if (!getLogoutTab().open()){
            logoutTab= getWidgets().get(548,34);

//clicks first tab and moves down by 16 each iteration, 16 is the height of the world widgets


//increase w by 1 every iteration and return to 0 after 14 iterations


 //add breaks in between code as needed for your use   

The reason I didn't add a method to click on the scroll down is because you would eventually get to worlds you don't want to hop to. Instead, just use these 14 worlds over and over or move the cursor yourself when 14 is done. I tried pretty much every widget feature, but they all seems to be malfunctioning in mirror mode. So any improvement suggestions need to be unrelated to widgets. This needs a fix please mods.

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