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so, i made this agility suicide account 2 days ago, got to 62 agility, was still at fally course and decided to go buy food to go seers course & i switch world and get permed (https://gyazo.com/c4acf96d9c242503ecca668a13bf9326)

today i open bot & it autologins to the account since i didnt remove them yet & it was unbanned but 61 agility? I go to account status and theres nothing https://gyazo.com/e1c883e6a304feb686163be085b76f42

ty jagex?

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1 hour ago, Georgeee said:

Consider yourself lucky, I usually suicide Agility accounts for a max of 8-12 hours, and at least 80% of my farm go banned within the first day or 2.

and I regularly buy trusted proxies and change my IP on a regular.

got a private script done myself, i got to 1-98 agility in 11 days with it 

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