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BETA v1.3.2

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BETA v1.3.2 has just been released and can be downloaded from the homepage at http://osbot.org. Remember to refresh with CTRL selected if you keep getting the link for v1.3.1.


A number of bugs where fixed:

  1. The login script has been rewritten
  2. Anti-randoms engine runs smoothly again
  3. Added the type(String string) method back to method provider
  4. Made mouse movement more human-like
  5. Already online is no longer an issue
  6. getFacing() works perfectly now (Character).
  7. and fixed FPS! (Let us know if you still are experiencing low FPS)




Laz and the OSBot Team.


EDIT: I've taken the remote server down temporarily as I fix an issue quickly. Sorry please stay patient. It will be back up in a few minutes.

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